New enhanced & comprehensive 24/7 security system is being implemented

For obvious reasons not all details will be disclosed! Not all changes will happen overnight. It’s a step by step process. Please note that this system cost will be totally integrated in next year assessment. Our bill will be reduced to one assessment only. We will not have a separate assessment for security starting in 2021. This is a direct saving for enhanced services and residents will pocket ($80) the difference! 🙂

  • Constable 7 days/week
  • Remote security monitoring and alerting system for day & night coverage
  • 24/7 HD Video in multiple locations
  • Guard Shack manned on a random schedule

So in 2 years we moved from a non members approved “mandatory fee” (2019 and prior) to a voluntary fee (in 2020) and now to an integrated fee starting in 2021. As promised, the BOD will be able to integrate the fee by trimming the main expenses across all large and small budget items.

We ask residents to refrain from advertising our security system on ND or other pubic forum.