Property and Homes

Riverwalk is a diversified neighborhood with the amount and quality of builders that make up over 800 homes. The property values of our investments continue to increase along with the current construction of which we will see for many years to come.

The Architectural Control Committee (which is made up of all volunteers from our neighborhood) continues to see the influx of people wanting the extra space that our 1186 lots provide. If you or someone you know are interested in purchasing property or are at the point of looking for a builder, do the research concerning your property, realtor and/or builder.

Riverwalk subdivision is managed and operated by the Property Owners Association (POA)

All property owners are members of the POA and pay annual Maintenance Fees.

The POA is managed by the Board of Directors who are elected by property owners. The Board oversees the finances, property maintenance security and deed restriction enforcement. C.I.A. Services is the management company that the Association has hired to handle Association affairs.

The Architechural Control Committee (ACC) oversees and authorizes permits on new construction and improvements to area properties. To procure an ACC application click HERE