The following responsibilities listed on Precinct 4 maintained roads and ditches can be requested via phone call to our main office at (281)577-8919 (option 3) or can be e-mailed to

E-mailed requests must include:

  1. Your full name;
  2. Your physical address or area of concern (listed by street name);
  3. Cross street (intersection) closest to your physical address or area of concern;
  4. Brief description regarding the nature of the problem/request for service;
  5. Valid daytime phone number where you can be reached.

Service requests include:

  1. Precinct 4 maintained roadway issues/service requests including:
    1. Roadway deterioration;
    2. Potholes/patching requests;
    3. Dead trees across roadway or in county right of way.
  2. Precinct 4 maintained right of way issues/service requests including:
    1. Sign problems (missing or defaced street, stop, or roadway signs);
    2. Drainage issues;
    3. Ditch or culvert cleaning;
    4. New culvert setting (FEES APPLY, see notes below);
    5. Mowing requests along Precinct 4 right of ways.